10 Times That You Were Totally Wrong


Everybody likes to be right, but nobody is right all the time. That means occasionally, you're going to have to admit that you were wrong. It's okay! There's no shame in being wrong, only in not owning up to it! That's why we've collected these ten illustrations that will help depict times that you — and all of us — were wrong. For instance, when you thought you were wiser than your mother or when you were afraid to dance. Check out these ten times that you were totally wrong and see what we mean!


When you thought it would be okay to turn off safe search at work.


When you told yourself you'd go home a cook a nice, relaxing meal.


When you said to people that you weren't freaking out about your life.



When you thought you knew better than mommy dearest.


When you vastly exaggerated your skills on your resume.


When you believed that your cats really liked being hugged.


When you said it would be easy to get back into shape.


When you doubted that your bff could totally read your mind.


When you thought you should be embarrassed of your sick dance moves.


When you told everyone that you'd get loads of work done over break.

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