You Won’t Believe Where This Wildlife Is Thriving

Most of you have probably heard of Chernobyl, but for the uninitiated, the Russian town was subject to a terrible disaster in 1986 when there was an accident at the city's nuclear power plant. Around 500,000 people had to be evacuated from the area, and today it is still an uninhabitable exclusion zone. Well, for humans at least! Since people have been absent from the area, Chernobyl's wildlife has been thriving. Scientists have been given permission to set up a network of webcams which captured over 10,000 images of wildlife in the area in just the first four months they've been installed. Let's take a look at how nature is prevailing under even the most harsh of circumstances. 

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Scientists say that the fact wildlife is doing so well in Chernobyl is a good sign that radiation levels may be dropping to a rate that is inhabitable for people. However, for the animals' sake, let's hope that us humans never move back in!