What Might Today’s Celebrities Look Like In 25 Years?


Seeing celebrities not quite at their best is one of those guilty pleasures in life. We know it shouldn't matter what people look like, good or bad, but seeing celebs on a bad hair day (or bad face day) makes them seem more human and makes us feel less inferior. Someone over at 'eBaum's World' has put together a little something that will help feed our addiction. Using some clever photo editing, they've taken photos of various famous people and made them look about 25 years older than they really are. So, if you're wondering if Kanye West or Taylor Swift will still be hotties when they get older, here's your chance to find out! It might be a bit cruel, but it's also strangely satisfying!


Bryan Cranston


Reese Witherspoon


George Clooney



Kanye West


Taylor Swift


Daniel Craig

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