Totally Weird Things Guys Love About Their Girlfriends

Naturally when it comes to the person you love, there will be things you admire about them and things that you dislike. Today we’re going to focus on the positives rather than the negatives! Although, some of these images are certainly strange. Below we have a list of weird things guys love about their girlfriends. Some of them are highly amusing! Take a look, see if you can relate to any of them and share this post with your partner!
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We bet this person is a right wind up merchant! 

Having your hair braided is so fun! 

Hopefully this isn’t as sadistic as it sounds! 

Some people do come across rather cute when angry. 

Aww! We think that this is really sweet. This person sounds like a good partner. 

Everyone has their different guilty pleasures! 

Each to their own! 

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There’s no rule book on pet names. We think this is pretty normal! 

Making your partner feel safe is just the best. 

Interesting! Being shaved isn’t something we would have imagined people to enjoy! 

Well, this is miles better than not being able to stand your partner’s breath! 

WOW. We were not expecting to read something like this! 

Some people loathe sweat, others love it! 

Loving it when your partner is sick is pretty savage! However, we see where this person is coming from…