This Cool Omusubi Kit Will Turn Your Rice Balls Into Adorable Kitty Heads


Rice balls look a lot cuter when they're in the shape of adorable cats heads. And now, thanks to kitchen tools company 'Arnest', you can make yummy kitties yourself, very easily! Arnest's 'Omusubi Nyan Onigiri Kit' comes with a tool to cut nori (seaweed) into whiskers, smiles and other facial features. 'Nyan' means 'meow' in Japanese. At the time of writing the kit was only available on the UK Amazon store, for £9.55. Check it out!
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These adorable rice kitties were made using Arnest's Omusubi Nyan kit.


It comes with a tool to cut nori into whiskers, facial features and smiles.


You need to press the cut-outs into the rice ball.


The kit comes with everything you need to make your rice balls more feline.



Simply, press rice into your mold and you have yourself a kitty rice ball!


You can even use soy sauce to give your kitty whatever markings you choose.


Look at all these amazing kitty balls!


There are paw print cutters, too!


You can even use the punched nori to reverse the color scheme.

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