Weird And Wonderful Aquariums

If you’ve always wanted an aquarium of your own but never had the space, we’ve found some solutions for you. Below are a range of home aquariums and a few of them are great space savers! Some of them even function for another purpose i.e. the fish tank clock; this is a great feature in your home office and provides you with useful information at the same time! Some of these creative aquariums are even available right here on Awesome Inventions!

Fish Hotel Aquarium

fish hotel

Find it here: Fish Hotel Aquariums

Fish Tank Clock

fish tank clock

Find it here: Fish Tank Clock

Wall Mounted Fish Bowl

wall mounted fish bowl

Find it here: Wall Mounted Fish Bowl

Aquarium Table

aquarium table

Find it here: Aquarium Table

Aquarium End Table

aquarium end table

Find it here: Aquarium End Table

Coffee Table Aquarium

coffee table aquarium

Find it here: Coffee Table Aquarium

Aquarium Sink


Labyrinth Aquarium

Aquarium Office Table

Our favorite is the aquarium table! Which one’s yours?