Viral Images That Are Actually Fake

Most people know you shouldn’t believe everything that you read or see on the internet. The below 13 viral images have been doing the rounds on social media, but it turns out that they’re actually fake. Some of them are Photoshopped, whereas others are the original images, but shown out of context alongside fake stories. Take a look, you may be surprised to learn the truth!

This isn’t an underwater train in Denmark, it’s just another Photoshop creation.

Could this be the dreaded Angolan witch spider?! No. Thankfully, it’s just a wolf spider, Photoshopped into these giant proportions.

No, even Steven Seagal wouldn’t dare give Putin the bunny ears.

This image of a space shuttle rising through the clouds into clear blue sky is a composite of two photos.

We’re not sure how anyone could be fooled by this, but apparently there were plenty of bites.

Are there really swimming pools in Paris’ disused metro stations? Sadly, no. It was an idea of a mayoral candidate, who had this rendering created, but she didn’t get into office so the plan never went ahead.

This might look like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger both being The Joker at the same time, but it’s just figures of the pair.

This has been touted as an image of the Malaysia Airlines jet that was downed in the Ukraine. Actually, it’s a still from Lost.

This was supposedly taken in a flooded shopping mall, but… get real! 

Is this a mystical moonmelon from Japan? No, just a Photoshopped watermelon.

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