Transgender People Share Their Frustrating Experiences With Not ‘Passing’

There’s a good reason why transgender people feel pressure to ‘pass’ in society.  Transgender people who are not distinguished as being transgender are less likely to experience harassment and prejudice. Here we have a selection of transgender people revealing some of their frustrating experiences with not being able to pass as a certain gender. Take a look…

The peril of not passing 100%.

When self-esteem hits rock bottom…

This one doesn’t care at all.

We’re sorry you feel this way. 

There’s someone out there for everyone.

Let me just give you a piece of advice: self-acceptance is the key to happiness.

The pressure to pass in society.

Escaping the eyes of scrutinizing people is next to impossible.

We hope you got to where you want to be! 

Feeling like your appearance doesn’t match your soul and mind is just awful. 

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Self-confidence and self-esteem are two things people can’t take away from you.

Unisex bathrooms help a lot of people. 

The little things mean more than you will ever know.


Just like one of the boys.

Don’t give up hope! 

People’s words can cut deep.

The beauty of online communication.

Is there no place on earth for me?