17 Incredibly Useful Inventions You Will Love


There are many awesome inventions out there designed to make your life a whole lot easier. A lot of them also look good too, which is an added bonus if it's on display in your home. Check out these 17 useful inventions you will wish you knew about sooner. Your home will go up a million notches on the coolness scale with some of these brilliant ideas. The CATable has got to be one of the craziest tables ever and will keep your cat busy playing for hours on end! Some of them are even available to buy right here on Awesome Inventions.


Ironing Board Mirror


Rolling Bench Can Be Used After Rain


Hourglass LED Traffic Lights


Wordsearch Wrapping Paper


Umbrella With Cup Holder


Baby Stroller/Scooter


Mirror Wiper Blade

Find it here: Mirror Wiper Blade


Spaghetti Measuring Tool

 Measuring Tool with different sizes for diff people

Find it here: Spaghetti Measuring Tool


Juice Sprayer Set

Find it here: Juice Sprayer Set


Kids Dresser With Training Drawers



Pizza Scissors

pizza scissors

Find it here: Pizza Scissors Spatula


Baby Shower Cap

Baby Shower Cap

Find it here: Baby Shower Cap


Onion Holder

onion holder

Find it here: Onion Holder




Lego Key Holder


Cat Hammock


Find it here: Cat Hammock


Lockable Coffee Mug

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