10 Of The Most Awesome But Unusual Service Animals


When we hear the phrase 'emotional support animal' we naturally tend to think of dogs or cats. However, you might be surprised to know, that many different animals can qualify as 'ESAs'. To be actually prescribed one of these special animals, the person looking for one must have an actual, and verifiable, disability. Also, a doctor must decide that the individual would benefit from having an ESA! Take a look at these amazingly varied service animals which are doing such a wonderful job by supporting their humans!


'Chief' seems like an amazing animal!


How awesome is this little guy?


A reporter for 'New Yorker' took an emotional support alpaca around various Manhattan establishments, to find out which ones would let her in!



Believe it or not, pigs are pretty common ESAs!


This guy relies heavily on this emotional support iguana, which has helped him battle both depression and alcoholism.


How cute is this?


An emotional support kangaroo on a plane!


This guy stays cool and calm in all situations!


There have been many sightings of this turkey on various flights!


And finally, this little monkey seems like a real sweetheart, and we bet he is pretty intelligent, too!

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