Unusual Beauty Hacks Which Really Work


Looking your very best is an art. There are so many tips and tricks which can make looking good a little easier. It seems that just as we learn the latest techniques, even newer ones are discovered! We are loving the almond eyeliner idea! Who knew you could use a burned almond as makeup? Take a look at these 14 cool beauty hacks and let us know if you have any unusual ones of your own in the comments!


Make your lips look plumper. Instructions here.


Find out how to make big eyes look a little smaller. Instructions here.


Make your eyes look bigger. Instructions here.


If you run out of liquid eyeliner, just use a little mascara on a brush instead.


Learn how to cut side swept bangs by yourself. Instructions here.


If you’re desperate for eyeliner but have run out you can always burn down an almond! Seriously! Instructions here.


Learn how to ‘strobe’ for beautiful skin. Instructions here.


Get your make up set in no time by blasting it with a hairdryer!


Pepto Bismol works great for clearing the skin of spots and impurities!


Tea Tree Oil will blast those zits away!


Disguise a grown-out manicure with glitter! Easy!


Enhance your cleavage by contouring.


Go from dark to light without bleach! Instructions here.


Get beautifully big and bouncy hair. Instructions here.

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