15 Uncomfortable Family Photographs That Will Make You Cringe


Having family photographs taken can be super awkward. You have to hold that cheesy pose for ages, while the person behind the camera struggles to get a shot in which the entire family looks semi-normal. Even casual family snaps taken at home, by a friend or relative, aren't very likely to capture the whole gang looking their best. There's always someone with their eyes closed or their mouth wide open! Before you condemn your own family photographs to a box in the closet, you've simply got to get a load of the ones below! We're sure you'll agree they take awkwardness and weirdness to another level! Take a look!


Their first family photo, how cute?!


This is just so wrong!


Ah, the dangers of the 'action' shot!


Daddy's behind the prison glass. Awkward!


This is just a little bit psycho, don't you think?



How creative hipsters take family photos…


Something's not quite right here!


Umm… We have no words for this.


Nice look, guys!


Should his big brother be worried?



Always make sure to include the family pets!


We like the humor of this family!



An absolute gem to look back on!


A member of the family looks a little bit different to the others…


Everyone's favorite uncle, perhaps?

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