10 Amazing Treehouses


If you were never lucky enough to have a treehouse in your backyard when you were a kid then we’ve found a way you can enjoy the pleasure of visiting one, or even better, staying in one! We’ve searched the net for what we think are the 10 best treehouses from around the world. They are all very unique in their own way. Some of them have been designed for living in, where as others are open as a hotel for guests to experience something different. There’s even one that’s simply ‘out of this world’! Scroll down to find out what we mean…

Amberley Castle Treehouse, UK

The Hemloft, Canada

Mirror Treehouse, Sweden

Three Story Treehouse, Canada

Living The High Life, UK

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Teahouse Tetsu Treehouse, Japan

Bird’s Nest Treehouse, Sweden

World’s Biggest Treehouse, USA

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UFO Treehouse, Sweden