10 Wonderful Ways To Make Your Bedroom Appear Bigger


Not many of us want a small bedroom. Most people would like a roomy space in which to lay down their heads, store all their belongings and generally be able to chill out. We also tend to like our areas decorated with comfortable, sometimes stylish, features. Unfortunately, knocking down a wall and extending your boudoir is, more times than not, impractical, impossible or inadvisable. But don't get down about your cramped quarters! Instead, why not improve them by employing these simple bedroom-enhancing hacks. Using the very effective power of illusion, you can make your room feel bigger and more spacious than it actually is! Take a look!


Hang your shelves closer to the ceiling than is usual. This works by drawing the eye upwards.


A striped rug on the floor elongates the space.


Use light to help create the feeling of more space. Lots of natural light is the best, but if that's not possible, then go for a statement light fixture that sits as close to the ceiling as possible. Also consider wall mounted lights, you'll save space but removing the need for a side table!


Wall mount everything you can get away with. That includes lights, lamps, shelving, hooks and racks. The more of the floor that remains visible, the larger the room will feel!



Get creative and consider using wallpaper on your ceiling. This will create the illusion of a higher ceiling by, again, drawing the eye upwards.


De-clutter regularly. Keep surfaces clean, and display the bare minimum of knick knacks. Otherwise your room will feel cramped!


The picture below perfectly demonstrates the difference hanging your curtain rail from close to the ceiling can make on the perceived spaciousness of a room.


Use mirrors wisely to 'echo' the space you've already got.


Multipurpose furniture is the way to go!


Light, white and bright is best, as far as color scheme is concerned, if you want to make your room appear larger.

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