15 Images Showing The Crazy Style Evolution Of Madonna


Madonna is undeniably an icon to many. She first made waves in 1984 with 'Like a Virgin' and has managed to remain on the world's radar ever since. One of the incredible things about this lady is that she's a total boss when it comes to reinventing herself. From being a dancer and pop princess to then becoming a Hollywood actress, fashion designer and business mogul, she's evolved continuously over the decades. Check out these awesome images below showing the evolution of her life!


Madonna Louise Ciccone was born in Michigan in 1958.


She was raised traditionally, a member of the Catholic church.


She was a cheerleader in high school!


The young dancer dropped out of college to move to NYC to pursue her dreams.


Madonna had $35 to her name when she arrived in New York. She worked as a waitress and took dance lessons at night.



She soon found the music, and began to concentrate on singing. Her big break came with Sire Records.


In 1984, she became a sensation with the release of 'Like A Virgin'.


During the 90's, she became a true superstar with a string of hits.


In 1996, Madonna gave birth to a little girl, Lourdes.


By the year 2000, Madonna was the highest selling female artist of all time. She appeared in movies, including The Next Best Thing.



In 2003, Madonna showed she still had the power to shock when she made out with Britney Spears live on stage!


In 2006, she released her own fashion line.



Madonna refused to let up performing as she grew older. She performed at the Super Bowl in 2012.


In 2013, she released her 13th studio album, Rebel Heart.


Today, Madonna is still on top of the world. Who knows what she'll do next?!

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