Stray Dogs Turn Up At Funeral For A Woman Who Had Been Feeding Them For Years


Mourners and funeral home staff in Mexico were stunned when a bunch of stray dogs and even a bird turned up at the funeral of animal lover Margarita Suarez to pay their respects. Suarez was known (by both humans and animals) for feeding the pack of stray animals that would show up at her door every morning. She would also take a bag of food with her everywhere she went so she could feed any stray she met along the way. Amazingly, the dogs even followed the hearse to and from Suarez's funeral service. They only dispersed once her body was being prepared for cremation. Read on for more on this touching story…

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When Margarita passed away, friends, family and staff were shocked to find stray animals turning up to the funeral home in Mexico.


The dogs gathered close by her body.


Margarita had made a lot of canine friends, as she used to feed them every day. Now, they came to mourn for her.



At first, the funeral staff were unsure what to do, but they let Margarita's furry friends inside once they realized they were simply there to pay their respects.


"In pain, they jumped for joy, it was wonderful," said Margarita's daughter.

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