This Might Be The Classiest Star Wars Wedding Ever


Themed weddings can be a lot of fun, but often they're not the most tasteful. However, when Jennifer and Joshua tied the knot with a Star Wars themed ceremony and reception, they put a whole new meaning to the term "geek chic." Sure, this wedding is about as nerdy as they come, but it's also beautiful and elegant. The decor looks outstanding and everything is finished to the highest standard, with such attention to detail. Let's take a look at some photos from their big day. Congrats, Jennifer and Joshua! May you have many happy years of blissful geekdom together!


The couple were escorted by Stormtrooper guards.




Beautiful guest seating for the ceremony.


Seats for the happy couple.


The ceremony itself was a classic affair.



But, of course, Stormtroopers were guarding the event, in case this rebel party got out of hand.


This gorgeously geeky belt was handmade by the bride.


Check out these adorable bridesmaids, who are totally rocking the Leia side buns. 


The tables were given Star Wars themed names.





There's even a Star Wars themed guest book for attendees to write in.



The father of the bride was clearly a good sport, as he came out for their dance together dressed up as Darth Vader. 


The guests partied away, lightsabers in hand, well into the night.


This looks like an epic wedding for everyone involved.

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