17 Hacks To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable


If you love shoes then you'll love these helpful hacks we've found! Whether it's a pair of six inch stilettos or flat ballet pumps, you're bound to have a pair of shoes that look better than they feel.  Keep your feet happy with these simple tips and tricks that will make your shoes feel more comfortable.


Keep your feet dry with this great tip for waterproofing cloth shoes.


Heel grips are great to stop feet slipping out of shoes.


Wrap fabric around your flip flop straps.


If your shoes squeak, add some baby powder to the inside.


Rub sandpaper on the soles of new shoes for better traction.



To stretch tight toe areas of shoes, simply fill freezer bags with water and place inside the shoes. Put the shoes in the freezer overnight.


If you have tight shoe straps, use moleskin to cushion them.


If you're suffering with blisters on your feet, bathe them in some tea.



Smelly shoes?


If you're going shoe shopping, always go in the afternoon or evening. Your feet can swell up to half a size bigger as the day goes on.


Newspaper together with leather stretch spray can widen boots.


This contraption will stretch shoes properly.


Add gel deodorant to the inside of shoes to prevent friction and blisters.


Denim is great to use for patching up torn heel linings.


Prevent pain from flat shoes with these. Available here.


Another way to stretch shoes is to put some thick socks on and then the tight shoes. Apply heat from the hairdryer for a few minutes. Keep the shoes on while they cool. You should find that they're looser.


Make your own innersoles.

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