16 Genius Space Savers Every Home Needs – Part 1


There are many products available on the market today that are extremely useful for homes that lack space. Just because you may not have the room doesn't mean you have to miss out on the essentials or luxuries that larger homes have. Check out our collection of great must-haves. All of these products serve different purposes but they all have one fantastic thing in common: they're all great space-savers! You can get many of them right here on Awesome Inventions.
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Corner Dish Rack

Corner Dish RacK

This is great for small kitchens. Utilize a corner with this dish rack.
Find it here: Corner Dish Rack


Over-the-Fridge Snack Caddy

Over-the-Fridge Snack Caddy

A handy place to store all sorts of kitchen essentials.


Collapsible Laundry Basket

Collapsible Laundry Basket

When it's not in use, simply fold flat for storage.


Sliding Shelves for Cabinets

Sliding Shelves for Cabinets

Maximize the full height and depth of your kitchen cupboards.


DIY Shelf Bar

DIY Shelf Bar

Shelving on the wall is so handy for many things…including your alcohol supply!


Under-Cabinet Knife Drawer

Under-Cabinet Knife Drawer

A simple addition that doesn't take up much space but creates a safe and tidy location for your knife collection.


Folding Ottoman Bed

Folding Ottoman BeD

A great solution for the occasional guest. When it's not in use it makes a great footstool.
Find it here: Folding Ottoman Bed


Over-the-Faucet Shelf for Toiletries

Over-the-Faucet Shelf for ToiletrieS

Keep your bathroom sink clutter free by organizing your things on one of these. It will instantly make the area look tidy.
Find it here: Bathroom Faucet Shelf


Toilet Paper and Magazine Holder

Toilet Paper and Magazine Holder

If you find yourself in the bathroom for a while then some light reading material will certainly come in handy to pass the time!


Slide-in Spice Rack

Slide-in Spice RacK

Get organized with your many jars.
Find it here: Slide-In Spice Rack



Towel Holder for Ties and Belts

Towel Holder for Ties and BeltS

A great way to organize ties and belts keeping them all visible for when you're choosing which one to wear.
Find it here: Swivel Bar Towel Holder


Hot Iron Holster

Hot Iron Holster

Finally you can have a safe and convenient place to put your hot irons straight after using them.
Find it here: Hot Iron Holster


Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Wall-mounted wine rack

Super sleek, super stylish and a great space saver!
Find it here: Wall-Mounted Wine Rack


Swivel Cabinet

swivel cabinet

This combines lots of pieces of furniture into one unit.
Find it here: Swivel Cabinet


Couch Arm Wrap

Couch Arm Wrap

If there's no space for a coffee table then this works just as well.


Cord Balls

Cord BallS

Eliminate trip hazards and excess clutter.
Find it here: Cord Ball Organizer


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