18 Delicous Easy To Make Snacks For Your Next Road Trip


Road trips are so cool, getting to see new places and meeting interesting new people. The one negative point though is the amount of money it costs to feed yourself and your friends along the way. If you're looking to save your cash for something a little more exciting than a roadside burger then read on to find 18 very easy-to-make snacks which are perfect for any road trip. Not only are these recipes cheap and easy, they won't make a mess inside your car either, perfect! Take a look.


Lentil and cranberry wraps are a tasty healthy option!


How about some tasty jalapeno cheddar crackers to keep hunger at bay? Instructions here.


Why not make these cinnamon almonds? Instructions here.


Cucumber and avocado sandwiches are easy to make and yummy too!


Try whipping up some trail mix chocolate bark. Instructions here.


Pizza roll ups are tasty and everyone loves them!


Or how about some peanut butter jelly bread roll ups?


Carrots and zucchini added into muffins will give you all the energy you need for your trip. Instructions here.


Mmm pancake pockets!


Make coffee gummies to keep you feeling alert on a long drive. Instructions here.



Put some popcorn in a brown bag and microwave for a few minutes for a tasty snack.


Once you start eating ranch pretzels you won't be able to stop!


Bring some roasted crunchy chickpeas. Instructions here.


Bring some strawberry fruit leather. Instructions here.


These pumpkin oatmeal squares will give you lots of energy for the journey! Instructions here.


Mmm nutty chocolate banana hand pies! Instructions here.


Peanut butter and celery together tastes amazing!


And finally, snacking on oatmeal energy bites is a healthy alternative to eating cookies. Instructions here.

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