Eat Snacks The Right Way With These 14 Snacking Hacks

We all love snacks, whether they be healthy ones or junky delights, so any little tricks or shortcuts that make snacking easier have got to be good, right? If you want some inspiration when it comes to enjoying a good snack fest, check out these 14 awesome ‘snack hacks’. They may just change the way you eat.

Instant Mug of Mac & Cheese

All you need is pasta, water, milk and cheese. Instructions here.

Ramen Secrets

How To Peel An Orange


Dunk Your Cookies Easier


Inventive Chip Bowl


No Brown Apples

Simply add your fruit into honey water (2 tablespoons of honey per one cup of water) to prevent browning. Leave for a couple of minutes and they won’t go brown for the entire day!

Grill Your PB & J


How to Open a Hershey’s


Inventive Chopstick Use For Popcorn


Easy Home Made Ice Cream

Make this easy peanut butter, jelly and banana ice cream. Simply freeze sliced bananas until slightly firm, then blend until smooth. Add peanut butter and jelly to taste. Re-puree, then freeze. Full instructions here. 

Sharing a Pint


Scrambled Egg Whites in Microwave

Combine two large egg whites and a chopped green onion in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 60 seconds, then whip with a fork, and microwave for another 15-30 seconds until done. Top with grated cheese.

Keep Guacamole Green

Nothing is grosser than when your lovely guacamole turns brown. Stop that happening by transferring the green goodness to a plastic container and adding a thin layer of water to the top. When you want to use it, simply pour the water off.

Improvisational Crockery

Some of you may find this one a little stupid, but hey, why dirty a bowl if you don’t have to?