Simon Beck Is Back With Another Amazing Snow Mural That Will Blow Your Mind


We've previously featured Simon Beck's incredible snow art, but this winter he's back with another awesome giant snow mural. In order to get the purest and snowiest snow around, Beck headed all the way to Siberia to complete this piece, which was actually made for a Russian movie called 'Drakony'. The way that he creates his art is simple enough, in theory: he walks in the snow. However, in practice, he has to be very precise, stepping in some places and dragging his feet in others, ensuring that no foot falls out of place, or it could ruin the whole thing. Each one of Beck's murals can take anywhere from five hours to more than a day to complete, and he'd better hope there's no fresh snowfall overnight, or he might have to start the whole thing from scratch! Check out his latest piece!
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What do you think on Beck's awesome snow dragon? We love it and think he's a super talented guy!

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