Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens

Capture those precious images from a mile off with the help of this ultra-telephoto zoom lens! You'll get perfect, fully focused snaps every time with this hefty piece of equipment.



  1. Jaden Kerr

    this shit makes me believe this site is a scam lol

  2. Luke Ulm

    Adam Brown you need this!!

  3. Luke Ulm

    Adam Brown you need this!!

  4. Gary Donohoe

    One for u Chris Brown

  5. Margaret Baxter

    one for joni start saving lol

  6. Jay Boshell

    It's real, click the More info, it opens up a page with this ultra telephoto zoom lens and it's listed fir the same price

  7. Diego De Leon

    Telescope?? shit its probably less expensive to go to the planets yourself lol

  8. Lucas Fernandez

    Or you could just bye a better camera

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