Target Practice Alarm Clock

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Tough time getting out of bed in the morning? Ever feel like shooting your alarm clock for a few more minutes of precious sleep? Now you can start the day with a bang with the Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock! Gun uses infrared and fires with sound effects, You can even record your own alarm sounds!

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  1. Miles Davis

    how can u buy this?

    • Jennifer Ewert Benkleman

      click on more info… it will take you to the site to buy it

    • Jordan Watson

      r u sure y isnt it working?

  2. Joseph Moran

    Do Want.

  3. Joseph Moran

    Do Want.

  4. Katina Talarico

    how much?

    • Jennifer Ewert Benkleman


  5. Dylan Killen

    Awesome, want one!

  6. Krista Kielman


  7. Rory Taylor

    i must have it haha

  8. Courtney Thompson

    Brandon Lane….you future bday present!

  9. Tiffany Rice

    I want one:)

  10. Sarah Stehling-Romig

    Cool 😉

  11. Maureen Schmidt-Loney


  12. Jaap Budding

    Now I'll never get up to shut that thing ;).

    • Marijke Budding van den Brink

      Blijven spelen en blijven liggen zeker 😉

    • Jaap Budding

      YEP 😀

  13. Michelle MI Woverine BarlondSmith


  14. Kerrie Earls

    This makes waking up way more fun!

  15. Joana Oliveira

    Posso encomendar um para portugal?
    Can I order one for Portugal?

  16. Rachael Tormos


  17. Jay Skurka

    there should be two targets snooze and off

  18. Mell Bell

    I need this

  19. Alexandria Paige Berman

    how do I buy this!

  20. Ashley Guinanao


  21. Ashley Guinanao


  22. Ashley Guinanao

    ate Nikka Guinanao bagay to sayo

  23. Anthonyy LX Cardiee

    Hahahah we all need it

  24. Lettice JawBreaker Brown

    Might get this for my King, he'd like it 🙂

  25. Willie Gordon

    That do looks cool to have

  26. Eva Marie Crafton

    Jessica you've seen this haven't you? lol

  27. Jennifer Ann

    Brandon Dylan I can see you wanting this. lol

  28. Sharon Earls

    Monday morning alarm clock

  29. Mills Hardy

    i hope they do this in a 12 gage shot gun version…..

  30. Mills Hardy

    i hope they do this in a 12 gage shot gun version…..

  31. Jack B Coll

    Oh wow I want this…

  32. Lauren

    ummm Christmas is around the corner……

  33. Jerome J. Jones Jr

    What if you grab the wrong pistol! That would be awkward! Lol

  34. MissRee TerenaBianca IrishQueen

    This would be perfect …

  35. Miriam Gern

    cheaper than that other one…THIS IS WHAT I NEED RIGHT ? ; )

  36. Gig Reilly

    This is extremely shit, don't waste your money

  37. Waanjai Coxon

    Bahaha…You already got one right?

  38. Gig Reilly

    Yep. It's very crap

  39. Gig Reilly

    Yep. It's very crap

  40. Niya Krupska

    Fuckin' retard

  41. Niya Krupska

    Fuckin' retard

  42. Amy NothingMore


  43. Gig Reilly

    It doesn't show the time unless you press a button, which is no good if it's across the room and if you keep it close to you there is no point in the gun, when it comes to the gun, you don't need to be accurate to get it to shut up, just point in the general direction and the receiver picks up the signal from the gun

  44. Jill Edens


  45. Kimberly Weaver

    What you think brandin Mitchell

  46. Kimberly Weaver

    What you think brandin Mitchell

  47. Alyssa Priester

    thats awsome

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