Sony SmartWatch

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This sony smartwatch allows you to check up on your texts, emails, social media updates and many more all while being a watch at the same time! This touch screen watch uses bluetooth to sync to your android device making it easy for you to stay up to date on the move!

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  1. Michelle Sanders


  2. Carlos Garza

    Can u hear music from it

  3. Oscar Ozzy Thickpenny

    They have this. It's called an iPod nano -_-

    • Hakan Urgancıoğlu

      can nano call someone?

  4. Aaliyah Jefferson

    That's my dads idea.

  5. Francisco Thoubard

    doesn't say you can make a call,

  6. Sergio Etaniel Rivera

    Want it now

  7. Fynn Vtec Roberts

    except its not hi patent, should have made a business plan

  8. Brenton James

    I highly doubt it would work.

  9. Heather Stock

    Now we just need to invent one that plays music and has Wi-Fi capabilities. I just might buy one.

  10. Matthew Stephenson

    it says call what i assume would be handset considering it says hand, so it most likely does call… someone should google this shit

  11. Brandan Zufelt

    Hakan Urgancıoğlu This can't even call someone.

  12. Brandan Zufelt

    Must suck pulling your $300 smart phone out of your pocket.

  13. Hanin Hussain

    Brandan Zufelt it CAN call people. It can SMS, call, email, and apps like fb

  14. Taylor Alexander

    it only calls your phone so if you cant find it somewhere you don't have to borrow someone elses phone.

  15. Willem de Buin


  16. Pheona Valdez

    how do u order?

  17. Azam Atthas

    Hey can u add me plz

  18. Nate Hawley

    Ok folks your android phone has to be within 10 meters of you it does not operate separtely from your phone

  19. Nira Y-unit

    I got a one , it bit sux , worth less.

  20. Steven King

    its not ipod nano, its a gay watch i have thats connect to your android phone… i used 3 or 4 time only.

  21. Katherine Marie Oripaypay

    It's a sony live view. So anyone who wants to sneak their phone in classes *eyebrows up and down* lols.jks. XD

  22. Matthew Doran

    They already have them all over the internet ..

  23. Drea Bia GummiBare

    so Sony invented it first but of course Samsung Galaxy gets all the credit

  24. Joshua Hall

    its connected to your phone so most of whats on your phone is on there apart from games and most applications

  25. Matty Higginson

    Does it work with blackberry?

  26. Julie Patrick

    Want 1 !!!!

  27. Michael Martino

    Some of us work in places that do not allow cell phones to be visible. So keeping out phone in our pocket is a necessity. It's far more acceptable to look at a watch during a meeting, or on a date, or in a movie compared to pulling out your phone. While your driving is even better, since you can quickly read off your wrist instead of having to pull it out. Now, I'm not speaking for this device because I own a Pebble instead, so it's water proof unlike my phone. If it's raining outside, or I'm in the shower, or even swimming , I can check my messages/calls/alerts at any time.
    It's pure convenience.

  28. Brandan Zufelt

    Michael Martino Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting the product down. I'm being snarky.

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