Rocking Bed

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

This rocking bed will ensure you sleep through the night just like a baby! It's gentle rocking motion will soothe and relax you so you can wake up feeling restored and refreshed! Its unique design will look awesome in the modern home, and can even be placed in the garden for summer night star gazing.



  1. Knowledgehater Gonzalez

    If it was cheaper I'd but it

  2. Dave Bowers

    This bed was almost sold till I ooped at the price.. Guess it would look better in Donald Trumps house anyway.

  3. Tess McFerran

    OMG im with u guys i nearly had a heart attach i was gonna buy it also until i cn the price a normel bed isnt that much lolol

  4. Alan Grewell

    that would not cost to much to build my mind, your head weight may cause the blood to rush to your head.unless you put a stop(2×4) on the head end of the rocker.

  5. Shannon Langdon

    Not for the average guy, but wow what a cool way to count sheep… hmmm guess that's all we could do, otherwise might do a 360! Lol

  6. Kyle White

    Why can't I see the price for any of this shit?!!!

  7. Robert Dodd

    That means it's expensive lol

  8. Ashley Chambers

    made by liberator. they make erotic furniture

  9. Sabine Fischer

    Ohhhh, I so wish I'd have access to my photos….

  10. Chastity Marie Embick


  11. Toni Blackmore

    I want one

  12. Katie Franklin

    hahaha make the bed rock

  13. Shirley-Anne Clark

    Fab X

  14. Shirley-Anne Clark

    Fab X

  15. DeAnna Jaramillo

    Wow I liked it alot and wanted to buy it till I seen the price correctly. At first I thought it was 436.99…. then I I saw the extra 6!! Fuck that, I wont buy it for that price. But it's still a nice bed 🙂

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