Pillow with Built-In Speaker


Drift off to the soothing sounds of your favorite music as you relax in bed with this pillow with built-in speakers! Works with any kind of audio source such as iPods and mp3 players. A soft and comfortable pillow with audio cable included. No need for batteries or any other accessories.


  1. Jaspa Jade Parker

    Dats cool

  2. Jo Hunneybunny Taylor

    Yh luv this,

  3. Liyan Qari

    exactly what i need

  4. Nicolette Samra White

    seriously need this

  5. Adam Kobosky

    the pillow probably is not soft

  6. Sai Manoj Palthepu

    exactly what i need

  7. Jose Vega

    Can you wash it?

  8. Lindsay Davie

    Awesome gift

  9. Navaneeth Ravindran

    This is what I want … Hahaha

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