Morning Mug


Let the effects of this mug bring a little joy to your morning cuppa! The morning mug shows a sleeping face when cold and slowly wakes up the hotter it gets! Brewtastic!


  1. Omaïma Khanouchi

    :/ <3

  2. Melanie Lee

    Rayna Lillian Maschan. Lol!

  3. Melanie Lee

    Who needs one of these???

  4. Marion Bridgeford Arrowood Adams

    When I tap More Info, it come up error 404 nothing found. That sucks, because I want the mug. My mother in law had one and it really did work. I want this for my daughter. She doesn't talk in the morning until she has her cup of coffee.

  5. Xiola Gray

    Click the button that says More Info and it will take you to it

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