Clear Signs That You Are Turning Into Your Parents

As you progress through life, there will be many moments where you will have said to yourself ‘I won’t parent like that’ or ‘I’ll never be like that when I’m older’. Whether you have a great relationship with your parents or a terrible one, there will be things that you’ll want to do differently when you’re an adult. However, sometimes our big and little fears come true. Here we have some clear signs that you are turning into your parents. Some are silly and funny, whilst others are pretty awful. Take a look!
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Recognizing your issues is the first step to getting better.  

Somewhere along the line, you become that parent that makes terrible jokes! 

Our kids often replicate the behaviors that they see growing up, both positive and negative. 

This line is pretty much a right of passage for parents! 

Sometimes we do things that we never thought we would do. 

As an adult, you become more conscious about wastage! 

We all have silly moments like this!

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Maybe some anger management classes would help. Treating your kids in this way is not acceptable and will have consequences. 

When you feel justified, money doesn’t always matter! 

Many people become more sentimental about holidays as they age because they know time is slipping away. 

This is like when you start using a word that you hate because you hear others saying it! 

Maybe a little bit of both!

There is nothing wrong with watching the news! Keeping up to date is great. 

We’re all going to use that line whether we want to or not, it just comes out!