Mini Donut Factory

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The Mini Donut Factory automatically forms and fries delicious mini donuts in approximately 90 seconds. Once the delicious donuts pop out your ready to sprinkle on some sugar, cinnamon, cocoa powder or however you like to eat them. Stick them in a bag give it a few shakes and your good to go!

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  1. Tracy Gill Brooks

    okay I know at least one person who needs one of these.. 🙂

  2. Tina Marie Smith


  3. Jason Rovenolt

    this is awesome fresh warm donuts.

  4. Jagoda Różycka


  5. Bill Lee Reese


  6. Keith Holder

    omg I want one 🙂

  7. Lynne Ferguson

    Rachael upton

    • Lynne Ferguson

      So need one Rachael Johnson

    • Rachael Johnson

      I saved this on ma ipad to show u by my bday lol xx

    • Lynne Ferguson

      Bugger off lol x

  8. Jon-michael W Lewis

    mmmmmm donuts in the mighty words of homer simpson.

  9. Rachel Trafford

    I have a feeling the current soup diet may be redundant if I purchased this item

  10. Rachel Trafford

    I have a feeling the current soup diet may be redundant if I purchased this item

  11. Naomi Vela

    I want me one of these!

  12. Naomi Vela

    I want me one of these!

  13. Kevin Anthoney Michael Taylor

    Wanda Brown Taylor I want it!

  14. Hanar Ahmad

    Saro Sarkaut this is what u need lol. sorry I just needed to do this. lol

  15. Stephen Howarth

    I so need one of these in my life!

  16. Sara Cassie

    Omg i need one of these

  17. Sara Cassie

    Danielle smith is awsome

  18. Ernie Evil-Grafix Moore

    OOOHHHH SHIT! Susan Hudson look at this!

  19. Morgan Nilsson

    I need it so if I'm on the job so just do one.

  20. Louise Wareham

    Paul Wareham, check this out! its our childhood dreams come true!

  21. Louise Wareham

    Paul Wareham, check this out! its our childhood dreams come true!

  22. Danine Vieira

    I want one….. :'( my birthday comes up in only 27 days……..Silvia F. <3

  23. Jenny Allen

    shame Amazon do not deliver to Australia ,

  24. Matthew O’Sullivan

    OMG what Faturday could be complete without this??!

  25. Janae Annalize Neah Luhv

    Jason Gee

  26. Sterre Lutz

    I want this!!! Where can I buy it?

  27. Reg Espartinas

    I want this! I meannnn need, home made donuts!

  28. Jes Woodman

    Jenell Mcmullin

  29. Belinda Weinstein

    Want one!

  30. Denver Tilotti

    Amazing! Take my money please!

  31. Shelley Hatcher

    Is this available in the UK?

  32. Resistor Rock

    La quierooo!!!

  33. Joey Laurin

    Mmmmmhhhh donuts. Arrrrgghhhh (homer simspon)

  34. Donia Khaled

    how can I get it?

  35. Craig Smith

    why advertise this the reviews are shocking!

  36. Terry Shilson

    Mike Shilson Lol.

    • Mike Shilson

      Mmmmmmm, mini donuts………

    • Mike Shilson

      Mmmmmmm, mini donuts………

  37. Terry Shilson

    Mike Shilson Lol.

  38. Ralph Sly

    I think we should lobby our respective governments to put one of these on the dashboards of every Police car, just as a bonus and to show appreciation. This should qualify for reasonable spending by governments in regard to the way they spend the rest of our tax dollars.

  39. Andrew Griffiths

    lol ralph then the cars be over loaded as they get too big

  40. Amjad Khan

    Haha kwl

  41. Sarah Wright

    Paice Mvo need I say more.

  42. Chanel Mallon

    Lyndsey Marie Mallon I want it!

  43. Matthew Mchale

    you're** ready to sprinkle; you're ** good to go.

  44. Lee Bailey

    Carys Cook

  45. Lee Bailey

    Carys Cook

  46. Lee Bailey

    Carys Cook 1st tag didn't work x

  47. Johyna Liz Arroyo Gonzalez

    Yo quiero una!

  48. Rachel Salmon

    Want one!

  49. Rachel Salmon

    Want one!

  50. Angelica de Guzman


  51. Ashley Guinanao

    mom buy me.

  52. Ashley Guinanao

    mommy Teresa Estudillo Guinanao bilhan mo ako pati yung cotton candy maker

  53. Felicia Shotts

    Susan Scott get one.

  54. Gul Muhammad Ali

    hi , u deliver out of USA ?

  55. Mark Collins

    How do you order this?

  56. Zoe Tredinnick

    You click more info and it takes you to amazon. This website doesn't sell anything. it just advertises it.

  57. Tammy Lynn Cardinal-Corrigan

    Omg i want this soo bad oh wait maybe this would be a bad idea ill be 300lbs in know time lol but still want one 🙂

  58. Puggy Treats

    I'll wait for the Donut Factory II. i hear its going to have a handy little insulin pen holder built into the side

  59. Nazia Fayyaz

    How to order

  60. Lucas Carrillo

    Donuts anyone?

  61. Leanne Suffield

    I need one of these badly

  62. Ariel Pedraza

    We need this! Mike!

  63. Meg Mitchell

    Go on to more info and it will lead you to the site

  64. Rasmus Emil Miltoft

    Are they baked or fried O.o

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