Magic Wand Salt & Pepper

Cast a spell over the meatloaf and turn it from meh to marvellous! These magic wand salt & pepper shakers are perfect for making cooking fun with the kids.

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  1. Jodi Vimto Strange

    I so need these!

  2. Lisa Maclean

    I want these

  3. BrianandStacey Sellers

    April Coplen Anusky.

  4. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  5. Dy Jones

    For Tamsin!

  6. Heather Vereen

    Sara Bertagnolli Melissa VincentKatelyn Deetz thought you three might love these as much as me haha.

    • Melissa Vincent

      Um yeahhhhhhhh. hahaha

  7. Christie Goodman

    Ooh! Magical!

  8. Jennifer Oclaray Hast

    Ruthie Hast needs these

    • Daniel Scott

      I NEED THIS.

  9. Siobhan Watson

    I want these!

  10. Melissa Dengah

    Everytime just wave the wand and sugar and pepper will be on da food … 😉

  11. Kerry-Ann Howitt

    Omg it poops glitter! … And it's edible!! xXx

  12. Cally Nicole Calvert

    Why are these not in my kitchen right now?

    • Nickie Miller

      Too kool! Grandma wants some!

    • Carol Brant Tellier

      How cute

    • Adrienne Davey

      shut up

  13. Colleen Curran

    Love n want this

  14. Maddison Ruby Manville

    Calm down

  15. Sarah Bae

    Jeannie Chung I could see you using these. lmao

  16. Paula Carugno Coniglio

    This is great. I would do this all the time.

  17. Nana Seshita


  18. Emily Palmer

    buying in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and done!

  19. Michelle Holt

    So cute

  20. Kay Tee

    Must. Have.

  21. Kay Tee

    Must. Have.

  22. Heather Long Collins

    Reminded me of you Jen!

  23. Heather Long Collins

    Jen Long……

  24. Jen Fischer Long

    I must have these!

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