LED Shutter Shades

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

With a hint of the bad fashion and a dash of modern day technology what do you have? Thats right, LED shutter shades! Be the centre of any party with these bad boys!

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  1. Allen Newton

    Oh yeah

  2. Benny Jetz


  3. Damilola Esther Adeniyi Adegeye


  4. Kameron King


  5. Michelle Flanagan

    Wouldn't these be ace for the National Rally…………..

  6. Jessie Lee

    Awesome! Would go well at a disco!

  7. Ty Savoy

    buyin me some.

  8. Hope Turner

    Oh hell yea EDC.

    • Anthony Zaki


  9. Gigi Thein

    you can get that in thailand for 20Baht which is like…. less than 1 dollar.

  10. Stephanie Divine Bastion

    Melissa Dalton look ! 🙂

    • Melissa Dalton

      Ohhh lord

  11. Brittany Slane

    Valerie Bevilacqua 🙂

  12. Roland Ploucha

    Were them to the skating ring

  13. Melissa Dengah

    What!? This is A MUST HAVE…

  14. Sophia Espinosa

    Wouldn't these blind you?

  15. Marco Escobar

    not unless you wear them on your head for show ;D

  16. Courtney Wilkins

    These are BAD ASS

  17. Amaree Mauldin

    i luv these

  18. Monica Hawkins

    Hey amaree

  19. Monica Hawkins

    Hey amaree

  20. Barry Finkelstein


  21. Cherry Cola

    I want this and all anyway ill try and buy stuff wiv money i get on me bday

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