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Killer Whale Sleeping Bag


Feel like a trainer at Seaworld and pretend you're performing tricks with Shamu with this killer whale sleeping bag! Kids will love using it on family camping trips or sleepovers!


  1. Sophie Cunliffe

    Sarah price to keep you warm xxxx

  2. Sophie Cunliffe

    Sarah Price to keep you warm xxxx

  3. Nia Lloyd

    Chris Sheen I so want this bad boy!!!

  4. Chris Sheen

    Haha!!! Something fishy about that Nia Lloyd………!!

  5. Sarah Price

    What would Monty think if he arrived and I was having a PJ day sat on the sofa in that, lo! Xxx

  6. Tahlissa Carney

    Natarsha Carney

  7. Tahlissa Carney

    Natarsha Carney

  8. Natarsha Carney


  9. Natarsha Carney


  10. Adam O Reilly

    hhaahah want it

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