Killer Whale Sleeping Bag

Feel like a trainer at Seaworld and pretend you're performing tricks with Shamu with this killer whale sleeping bag! Kids will love using it on family camping trips or sleepovers!

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  1. Sophie Cunliffe

    Sarah price to keep you warm xxxx

  2. Sophie Cunliffe

    Sarah Price to keep you warm xxxx

  3. Nia Lloyd

    Chris Sheen I so want this bad boy!!!

  4. Chris Sheen

    Haha!!! Something fishy about that Nia Lloyd………!!

  5. Sarah Price

    What would Monty think if he arrived and I was having a PJ day sat on the sofa in that, lo! Xxx

  6. Tahlissa Carney

    Natarsha Carney

  7. Tahlissa Carney

    Natarsha Carney

  8. Natarsha Carney


  9. Natarsha Carney


  10. Adam O Reilly

    hhaahah want it

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