Key Shaped Knife


This small fold out knife looks just like a regular key, and will attach to any key chain. (2″ long with a 1-5/8″ blade) makes it the perfect small knife.


  1. Chris Canning

    yeah boii

  2. Jessy Laloka


  3. Cory Allen Knowlton


  4. Serena Davenport

  5. Serena Davenport

  6. Daniel Swoard

    Kayla this has ur name all over it 😉

  7. Robbin Melton

    Jim Rodery, please get me this for personal protection!

  8. Gwen Breen

    This isn't NEW…..I've owned one for 25 years!

    • Laura Attenborough


  9. Happy Meal

    Found a Cheaper one on Ebay

    • David Vogt


    • Connor Lensher

      Do you have the link?

  10. Aimee-grace Kempt

    That's so cool…

  11. Alison Walters

    Julie Julie Ann Wines Look familiar?

  12. Jack Thurgood

    Its only need is for hot chicks so ask if ur ugly b4 u go out and buy it cuz u will b wasting

  13. Donna Rae

    These are a dollar at Harbor Freight.

  14. CLive Ace Mahoney

    not on e bay.

  15. Kian Voghooee

    Person getting mugged: "Oh phew, for a moment there i thought you were going to stab me with a key… i guess i dodged a bullet!"

  16. Ana Karen Meza

    They have them at harbor freight tools lol

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