Artist ‘Buff Diss’ Creates Incredible Street Art Using Tape


An Australian street artist, known only as Buff Diss, creates graffiti with a difference. Rather than spraying or painting his pieces, he makes them out of tape. The fact that his work isn't permanent means that it's not illegal, so he can create art in public places without fear of reproach. Buff Diss actually started out working in paint, and used tape as a tool to help map out his work. However, he eventually realized that his tape stencils were art unto themselves and switched over his method. Talking about the permanence of his work, he said…

“If a piece has long enough to bond to the surface, without weather getting to it first, it can hold for years. On glass, they become permanent. But a lot of pieces in the street will be gone the next day.”

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Buff Diss' work is awesome. Do you think tape street art is a good idea? Leave us a comment below to let us know!

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