iPhone Projector

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Now you can watch your favourite video clips and movies on a 60inch ultra clear projection! It's designed to work with mobile devices like Apple's popular iPhone.

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  1. Lisa Aitu

    I really want one.

  2. Konstance Boyer

    Melissa check this out!

  3. Konstance Boyer

    Melissa check this out!

  4. JeanMarc K Taylor

    Christmas list 2013 starts now!

    • Jack Robert Oliver

      just makes sure its a 30 pin u want nt the new 8 lighting pin u need

  5. Rick Hunt

    Holy crap, you could play angry birds on a 60" screen…or wall. Nice

    • Tamim Taher

      This. Changes. Everything.

    • Isabella Evans-theiler


  6. Nastassja Merali

    Very nice!

  7. Nastassja Merali

    Very nice!

  8. Jennifer Campbell

    Yes please!!! I wonder what the clarity is like.

  9. Jennifer Campbell

    Yes please!!! I wonder what the clarity is like.

  10. Dil Sirin

    Has anyone bought this product? Reviews would be nice

    • Jack Robert Oliver

      if u click on more info sends you to amazon but reviews don't seem great

  11. Leslie Gomez

    Why on this site it indicates $99.99 but when u click on more info it states$149.99?

  12. Michael Franceschi

    Is this website real and not a scam to take you're money?

  13. Dylan Killen

    Omg I need this….

  14. Maria Neida Alvarado

    This is so cool if it really works well.

  15. J Leandro Diaz

    Does it work with Ipads?

  16. Chris Wilman

    yep, it's getting about as small as it possibly can do now. fab invention.

  17. Big-chris Brown

    defo on my list!

  18. Rachael Crowther

    Dear Santa,
    Yes please, one of these for Xmas.


  19. Tommy V G Boyle

    Want one

  20. Max Amillie Vaudrin

    read the reviews…. I was about to order this, completely turned off from the idea.

  21. Terry M. Butler

    Can you use the i5 wit it

  22. Guillaume Mathieu


  23. Jex Meow

    Vincent Colle ini best.

  24. Felicia Buckley

    Is it compatible with iPhone 5

    • Tamim Taher

      It should be, it has a 30 pin plug; get an adapter for it

  25. Matty Searson

    Cool idea

  26. Hussein Hashim

    Does it for iPhone 5

  27. Hussein Hashim

    Does it for iPhone 5

  28. Joseph R Cooper

    you should update your price on here.$ 99 on here $149 when you click more info.

  29. Kirsty Whitley


  30. Lauren Denton-Taylor


  31. Lynda Jost

    it's listed as $99.99 here but I don't see that price anywhere!

    • Robin Foster Montoya


    • Robin Foster Montoya


    • Johnny McElroy

      I also couldn't find the 99$ price. I also read the reviews a little closer and think some of these gadgets need some more tweeking time.

  32. Lynda Jost

    it's listed as $99.99 here but I don't see that price anywhere!

  33. Jason Fuller

    Says 199.99 on amazon.

  34. Lisa Logan

    I like

  35. Stephanie Alvarez

    I need this! Asap!

  36. Sonia Eddy

    This is what I told you about Jasmine Hodges.

  37. Tim Kimpton

    Read and research specs. This is shite

  38. Malcolm Patten

    If you watch the WWDC Apple video, you may perceive that a 60" iTV is on it's way. Wait for the real thing?

  39. Stephen N Lizzie Rheam

    Pretty awesome

  40. Antuandatboi Mcgriff


  41. Yulanda L. Pobre-Nations

    Now this is something I would get just to try it especially for my little kids when we travel, use it in the hotel stays

  42. Candace Rowlett

    I want one of these so bad

  43. Michael Owens

    So, after looking around for reviews of this (on Amazon and more) – well, its 480×320 resolution is NOT HD by any means. Plus, the bulb keeps going out for people on their first attempt at using this.

    60" TV they say…. well, if you consider 60" of fuzzyness ULTRA CLEAR, then yeah – buy this piece of tat.

  44. DeeJay Krisis


  45. Jennifer Oconnor-Wysocki

    I think this is gonna be someone's x-mas gift thi year.

  46. Dana Mckenzie

    Who's…….mine????? :)))))

  47. Victorsauto Motive

    I would like one for my gs4, wonder if they make one

  48. Drea Bia GummiBare

    wow, I want one of these too!

  49. Laportia Paulk

    But u dont have an iphone

  50. Drea Bia GummiBare

    yea, I want one of those too lol

  51. Zayda Domena

    Can it work on the Samsung S4?

  52. Brenda Runions

    In canadian money they want $300 plus for this???????

  53. Barry Perry

    it should do but says unavailable

  54. Angie Dieux de Tournesol

    Does anyone know if it works on htc one x?? This is too awesome!

  55. Ioanna Pierou

    Can it work with an ipad air?????

  56. Tijana Djukic

    Can i use this for ipad 2 ??

  57. Krister Kjær

    Jack Robert Oliver or just buy a adapter to 30-pin

  58. Samantha Maroney

    thats what you get for living in canada lol

  59. Jlki Jlkson

    Does it work for not-i phones??

  60. Alhaji Alhassan Watara

    this is too awesome. wish to grab one by the end of the year.Amen

  61. Paige Smilees

    Does it work with iPhone 4/4s?

  62. April Neal

    Derrick you SO need this for your Dragon Ball Z fests!!

  63. Tracie McKenzie

    How cool is that? My kids would love one of those! 😀

  64. Kiyan Klocker

    Will it work for android phones??

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