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Invisible Ink Pen


This invisible ink pen allows you to write down your deepest secrets in plain view! No longer will you have to worry about writing down a pin number or passwords and someone finding it because its not really there! Great for writing in a secret diary.


  1. Micheal Channing Groff

    How would u order something fromm http://www.awesomeinventions.com cuz i go to more info and it sends me to amazon.com and its a higher price there.

  2. Ayisha Drouin

    Genevieve Gutierrez WOW COOL BEANS I WANT ONE and if i get one i will right my hole story in that pen and the teacher will say ayisha why did you not get any work done and il say its in invisible ink then they will say no then il say look and il show them !!!!

  3. Genevieve Gutierrez

    Ayisha Drouin Yes! 🙂

  4. Ayisha Drouin

    does it work and is the light built int the pen ?

  5. Kace Johnson

    I want it now

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