Guitar Mug


This hand painted guitar mug is perfect for any serious musician. Dishwasher safe and microwave friendly, what are you waiting for?! Grab one of these today!


  1. Amanda Cooper

    How do I purchase one of these?

  2. Adele Potgieter de Beer

    I also want one, how do iorder

  3. Amanda Zimmerman

    Nickie Eckes, Check this mug out! 🙂

  4. Kathi Gonia

    Not sure if it's worth 48.00 (plus shipping) though.

    • Chad Honaker

      DEFF not worth 48.00….. although it is kinda cool tho.

  5. Roberta Wright

    Justin Wright like?

  6. Elizabeth Carpenter

    Kyle Carpenter I so want to get this for u!

  7. Krystyna Monica Ozarowski

    Rachel Simmons you need this.

  8. Virginia O’Brien

    $48 – for a dishwasher safe, micro wave safe mug- Too expensive but I love it!

  9. Amberly Huizar


  10. Pamela Hayes

    Me too

  11. Patricia Fuller

    I would love to buy a mug for my son, but the price is over the top for a mug, No matter what design. You might just sell many many of them if you lowered the price. WAYYYYYYYY OVERPRICED.

  12. Darrin Hildebrandt

    48 bux for a coffee mug…It better come with coffee for a year and be able to wash itself…

  13. Tracey Gates

    how do you order and do you ship to Aust?

  14. Gill Russell-Morgan

    You can get them for £5 !

  15. April Zoe Maleza Balio


  16. Tim Marshall

    You're looking at £7 for a good quality coffee here in the UK, however most buy one between £3-5, nevertheless this wouldn't even buy the cheapest for a year! Looks like an awesome gift, as long as it is well made?

  17. Louise Jones

    where do you get guitar mug for £5

  18. Louise Jones

    where do you get guitar mug for £5

  19. Kate Booth

    They are £6 on Amazon…

  20. Robin Kane


  21. Natasha King

    It would make a great gift for someone but I just can't pay that much for a bloody mug! :O

  22. Carli Darling

    who the fuck pays 50 dollars for a coffee mug!?

  23. Carli Darling

    who the fuck pays 50 dollars for a coffee mug!?

  24. Mike Munro

    Terry would love that mug 🙂

  25. Mike Munro

    Terry would love that mug 🙂

  26. Carli Darling

    Mike Munro i know, i wanted to buy it for my fiancé for christmas! he would adore it

  27. Sarah Cheri

    So wedding rings are $6.99 but this mug is almost $50?! What am I missing here??

  28. Carrie Stipp

    this is a pretty cool mug

  29. Carrie Stipp

    but not for that price I wouldn't be able to live with my self if I drank out of it and go forbid if I drop it

  30. Toki Wartooth

    haris proposed to you?

  31. Carli Darling

    :3 maybeh

  32. Toki Wartooth

    Carli Darling dammit i need definitive answers carl!

  33. Carli Darling

    Toki Wartooth LOL! he may or may not have, we'll have to wait and see 😉

  34. Jaime Drafts

    Wayyy overpriced! Should be maybe 19.99 $

  35. April Thiessen

    ^ secrets arnt nice D:

  36. Ken Allan

    Emmett Calsey. You need this. 🙂

  37. Oksana Gula

    whoever charges this much for a cup is crazy, should be less then 50 bucks

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