Flameless Candles


Now you can set the mood with these flameless candles without the worry of accidentally setting the room alight! Change colours whenever you want with a remote control. Awesome!



  1. Jessy Laloka

    love these!

  2. Kameron King


  3. Albert C. Ehrmann III

    I have an older version that does just Blue and "Natural." Got them as a gift for my wife so she could have her candle light whenever she wanted it. Word of advice: For as awesome as these really are, if you burn candles for the scent then these are not for you. Live'n'learn, then take them to work and use'em there!

  4. Genevieve Russo

    These are awesome especially if you don't want a scent and just light.

  5. Tee Chana


  6. Roni Alivia May

    These are awesome

  7. Nina Marcos

    Martha Maqueira mira para la casa en la noche no nesecita lumbre esta chido

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