Finger Scanning Door Lock


Add a little 007 to your home with this finger scanning door lock! This scanner will only unlock your door after it has authorized your finger print. Awesome!

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  1. Dali Sekhon

    Cool invention…

  2. Mia O’Shea

    I want this.

  3. Sharon Nicol

    How many people's finger prints can be stored in this? And can anyone fit it? Xxx

    • Carl Wilson

      Looks like some woman needs glasses.

    • Dave Suchy

      up to 50

    • Robert Walkley

      Enroll up to 50 unique fingerprints

    • Ute Sarauer

      pray to whatever GOD you belief in that you never need glasses

    • Lesa Richards Cole

      rudeness is ugly

  4. Alan Sathre Lmt

    Looks great if you lose your keys!

    • Christian Holm Pedersen

      Looks bad if you lose your finger..

  5. John Kearns


  6. Lian Price

    When I click on more info, it takes me to a cup on

  7. Jamie Sanderson

    Ryan Murphy could use when of these when he's too drunk to find his keys or fit 'em in the keyhole lol.

    • Sonja Pick

      Ryan couldn't find the hole if it was covered in hair lmfao

    • Paul Berry

      or had a map hahaha

  8. Cory Allen Knowlton


  9. Ingrid Alfaro

    Ooh i really like this.

  10. Hannah Leigh

    oh hell yeah and this… now that Andrea is with child, we don't need anyone getting thru without a finger scan….

  11. Chanda Jaleese


  12. Natonya St.Cyr

    I need one of these

  13. Marinaki Proko

    freaking awesome!

  14. Sonya Maree Wolf

    You need to update this as these are discontinued.

  15. Sam Murray


  16. Nancy Blanchard Short

    Gotta get this

  17. Ayu Suryawan

    Well what if u needed it to remember 2 people's finger prints

  18. Peter David Phoomahal Jr

    Imagine the day when the batteries die and you left your door key inside(for w/e reason).

  19. Andrew Saker

    I am getting this for the house. 🙂

  20. Danielle Green

    Perfect if like in movies when someone is chasing you and you've forgotten what your house key looks like

  21. Jesse Dre Holder

    It doesn't read individual fingerprints you set a time or pattern to hold or tap the sensor

  22. Kalib O’Brien

    for Sam, here it is.

  23. Aiken Dercksen

    Carol Diakoyannis

  24. Liv Mitri

    its a good idea if it could hold different finger prints so the whole family can use it.

  25. Gina Ceniceros

    You can blow on it and the print will reappear of use scotch tape…

  26. Brenton James

    wonder what people would think if it didn't work, help I'm locked out! got no keys either 🙁

  27. Monique Unique Love


  28. Avon Mily


  29. Sara Balmbra

    You can especially manipulate this system. Then again, I can pick locks too so even the lock-and-key design isn't exactly safe.

  30. Jay Lenae Davon

    I need this!

  31. Jd West

    Expensive but super cool until someone cuts your finger off.

  32. Greg Rash

    This lock was a failed Kwikset product, you could wipe your finger on the reader fast enough and confuse the lock into opening! Kwikset has a new one the uses Bluetooth and will unlock when you touch the lock if you have your connected cell phone or fob on you ( not cheap but cool!

  33. Tracy Welcomes You

    There is always a back up key!

  34. Chanel Gentle

    this what u need! Lashay Williams

  35. Lashay Williams

    Lmfao yes indeed. I would love to have that shit no lie

  36. Mahalo Guerrero

    Gina Ceniceros You obv watch way to many movies

  37. Austin Micheal Oakleaf

    I want this Rhonda Oakleaf!

  38. Nathan Tiller

    Something tells me you don't have nice enough stuff for someone to cuff off your finger

  39. Brandon White


  40. Brandon Sturdevant

    Mahalo Guerrero It works with cover-up actually. Did it too 3 iphone 5s already.

  41. Cristiana Elena

    "Hey, can you go feed my cat while I am in a trip? Oh, wait! Here! Hold my finger to unlock the door!"

  42. Ally Alfaro

    We need one of these

  43. Fay Phlersphlao

    Mommy This Make Life Simpler

  44. Mawusi R Fields

    I want one

  45. Aneesa Heyward

    I would so get this!!

  46. Sanjai Joseph Manesh

    where is my iphone 5s

  47. Hu Zai Fah

    cant you see there's a key hold -_-

  48. Terrance Leaningtowardsthefuture White

    perfection for those who forget keys

  49. Preston Johns

    or until someone gets a baseball bat and smashes the lock

  50. Serena Crum

    Christian Holm Pedersen There's also a key hole

  51. Serena Crum

    Christian Holm Pedersen There's also a key hole

  52. Gina Ceniceros

    Mahalo Guerrero It does work… I've done it before, works better with baby powder

  53. Shawn Di Flumeri


  54. Dizzi Dizz

    so if you hurt and need help to come to you, ….? i mean… dam lol you fucked!

  55. Heather Fish


  56. Shaiyan Donutz Mhamud

    Hu Zai Fah it might be fake and is just there to hold the circutry

  57. Lawrence Calitz

    Yeah Baby – perfect if you gave your spare to Ex-Partner !!

  58. Ben Jennings

    Preston Johns That's true for any burglary? With or without this?

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