Fairy Wand Dish Brush

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Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and all the dishes would be done for you?! Well, unfortunately that's never going to happen but why not pretend you can with this fairy wand dish brush! Makes washing dishes more enjoyable!

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  1. Jolyane Duchesne

    j en veux une!

  2. Eveline Gill

    Trop drôle

  3. Dominic Royer

    as-tu demandé au Père Noel?

  4. Mélissa Inkel

    Moi aussi!!!

  5. Ceaux LocalCelebrity Chitty

    Absolutely…in my pink castle house. Right?

  6. Kelly Gillett

    yep definitely my kind of dish brush 🙂

  7. Ellen Brites Santini

    com uma dessa ate vai…rs

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