Dollar Stacks Wallet

Look like you’re loaded with this full-color printed wallet that looks like a stack of $100 dollar bills! Satin-lined interior with lots of pockets for all your credit cards.

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  1. Moka Akashiya

    …As if a normal wallet isn't tempting enough for thieves…

    • DaNy XD

      Exactly 😀

  2. Paula Bourque

    So do you recommend we put our credit cards, ID and a few dollars in there? Not too bright!

  3. Charlotte Holmes

    just asking for TROUBLE!

  4. Rin Satsu

    And then get mugged by everyone who sees it.

  5. Anders Knudsen

    wow that´s nice!

  6. Keth Krause

    no you use this as a dummy wallet so they grab this one instead of the real one.

    • Raymond Borger

      So your thought process is to entice a would be thief rather than avoid a robbery?

    • Isaiah Nodopename Tussey

      if you're a smart person you will keep it in your pocket and keep it to yourself and not be a complete jejune ignoramus.

  7. Charles Muszall


  8. Lucyy Boo

    Can u even buy from this website ? All it says is "More Info"

  9. Deni Cole-Frost

    Seriously? How many fools have bought this? A neon sign pointing to the wallet would be less noticeable.

  10. Ida Wheeler

    Makings robbing you so much easier…

  11. Gianna Nicole Remini

    good idea

  12. Nicole Sakkas

    I think that is suppose to be a rubber band

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