Desktop Hoover

Keep y0ur desk clean and tidy with an actual mini Henry desktop hoover! Great for removing dusk and crumbs, and when he's not in use you can sit him proudly next your your accessories. Battery operated.

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  1. Cara Hendrickson

    This is so cute, I could cry!!!

  2. Lisa Grandstaff

    We need this

  3. Michealwhitney Grindrod

    This is so tiny and cute

  4. Sanjeev Nanjiani

    i need this but i live in pakistan so is it possible to get this here?

  5. Amberly Dawn Pennell

    Vicki/ we need this in the office lol

  6. Bob Lovellette

    that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Stormet Sampson


  8. Cathrin Oscarsson

    Jag som drar på snabeldrake titt som tätt…måste juh ba ha en sån här lille drake:)

  9. Melanie Johnson


  10. Luke Adams

    I want one!

  11. Luke Adams

    I want one!

  12. Sanj Carpenter

    me too !

  13. Sanj Carpenter

    me too !

  14. Avalon Elf Coats

    Hoover is actually a brand name as is Henry. I do want one for my sewing machine regardless but thought I would point out the mistake in marketing.. Its a Desktop Henry Vacuum cleaner 😉

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