Calorie Counting Wine Glass

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Keep an eye on your intake with this calorie counting wine glass. Perfect for those trying to control how much they have or if your dieting. Had a rough day? Forget about calories, fill that baby to the “who cares” line at 10 oz!



  1. Debby Hamers

    Haha, idd!
    Ik weet dan niet of ik nog zo kan genieten van een wijntje als ik daar tegenaan kijk…….

  2. Nathan Mathieu

    I think I'd just have to fill it up to 10 oz every time.

  3. Robert L. Eddins IV

    Tanasha Scott Made me think of you

  4. Tanasha Scott

    Only 20 dollars….u should buy it for me.

  5. Janel Everton Moore

    Love this!

  6. Tony Beadle

    This could work for some !

  7. Katie Schaaf

    Pamela Schaaf

  8. Katie Schaaf

    Pamela Clark Schaaf

  9. Barbara Calix

    Love it

  10. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    I really want this lol

  11. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    Robin Hale lol

  12. Tanya K. Barrett

    Haha i need one of these. Not. Its cool though

  13. Alex Cuellar

    Cherrie Garcia

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