Butterfly Clock

This butterfly clock brings style and beauty together like no other clock! These beautiful clocks are available in a variety of different colors and feature a silent moving second hand, so no more ''tick tock!'' Awesome!



  1. Sara Balmbra

    £17.99? Are you fucking kidding me?

    You can purchase a clock motor with the hands (that you put on yourself) at most bits-and-bobs store for like £1.00 (or you could just take one out of an old alarm or wall clock) get some plywood and black paint or varnish, and make this yourself for under £5.00!

    Don't you think you guys are taking the piss just a bit with the price of the junk on your website?

  2. Terri Bolan

    Stephanie Lendabarker saw this and thought of you.

  3. Stephanie Lendabarker

    totally awesome….thanks 🙂

  4. Lyndsay Bamberger

    hey mom….mom! hey!(:

  5. Carolina Sanchez

    Sara, if people want to buy this let them.

  6. Tessa Sparrow

    Fair to assume that at some point someone wants to be paid for their labour costs at least. AND it doesn't tick tock.

  7. Mujeeb Ur Rehman

    she wont listen :/

  8. Matt McCrum

    Gabriella Malone

  9. Lynne Rogers

    I bet you would love ths <3.

  10. Lynne Rogers

    this was meant for Sam Davis xxx

  11. Sam Davis

    That's awesome! I love it!! Xxx

  12. Natasha Ann Micallef

    Is there green

  13. Rosie Turner

    Angela Mcdermott

  14. Angela Mcdermott

    Love it!

  15. Nicole Newton

    I love this… n i can see why u build it ur self too! X

  16. Kimberly Christine

  17. Heather Rehkopf

    I ordered this and when I got it I thought it was a joke! This thing is a 16th inch wide! Damn near paper thin! NOT worth the money AT ALL

  18. ‘Sarah ‘Lou’ Murray’

    I want this 🙂

  19. ‘Sarah ‘Lou’ Murray’

    I want this 🙂

  20. Louise Mummy Stevenson

    I had the pink one of these.xx

  21. Louise Mummy Stevenson

    I had the pink one of these.xx

  22. Lucy Hawker

    Think they do the pink one in the kleeneze book

  23. Lucy Hawker

    Think they do the pink one in the kleeneze book

  24. ‘Sarah ‘Lou’ Murray’

    i want it in black lol…how much was urs? or kleeneze one? x

  25. Lucy Hawker

    Maybe £12.99

  26. Vanessa Mattingly

    Cool as hell!!!

  27. Vanessa Mattingly

    Cool as hell!!!

  28. Janey Peugh


  29. Britney Dubbs

    This is really cool Stephani Dubbs

  30. Stephani Dubbs

    Wow that is awesome!

  31. Jayme Lynn Hardin

    I love this

  32. Altagracia Estrella

    Love it

  33. Lisa Scott

    Want it !

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