Bluetooth Handset Gloves

Not only are these gloves comfy and warm (and totally touch-screen friendly), but they will wirelessly synch with your smartphone, turning your hand into a phone… that’s right. Just pull them on, press the ‘answer’ button and make the classic ‘phone hand’ shape. Now you’re talking.

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  1. Penny Giselle DeSpenza


  2. Neil Parry

    could of done with these the other week in all dat snow!

  3. Betsy Tobin

    Very cute

  4. Kate Regan

    must have these!

    • Patrick Johnson

      No. they'll call you insane. 😛

  5. Kate Regan

    must have these!

  6. Roberto Enrique Copello


  7. Freeda Green

    Want some! x

  8. Terrenzo Jones

    I want these!!

  9. Jaimee Williams

    Lori Donaldson

  10. Laura Coulter McCarthy

    I'm just waiting for a fax …

  11. McKay Moore

    yeah then people will think your crazy!

    • James Comer

      I don't live my life on what other people think. You?

    • Anonymous

      James Comer LOL, your last Question contraries what you said, why you want know what he thinks if you dont care about it! hahahaahahaha

      James Comer GO HOME, you are CRAZY!!!! haaha 😉

  12. Claire MickDunlavy Meneilly

    I want some!

  13. Melissa Henderson LaChance


  14. Gus Man


  15. Joshua Cyrus


  16. Earl Barton-Photography


  17. Karen Salamanca

    Awesome. But I don't want to look insane

  18. Karen Salamanca

    Awesome. But I don't want to look insane

  19. Maximillian Korobacz

    My god… genius…

  20. Jamie Watson

    You have the phone right in front of you! Geeze!

  21. Daniel Leech

    Do ANY of these "More Info" links work?

  22. Tina Pillarella


  23. Lynette J. Killsback

    This would be awesome!

  24. Jason Harding

    my wifes got 1 but she is mad any how.

  25. Shaun Nolan

    I'm so getting these asap.

  26. Deanna Wilkie

    and i thought "recall" was a long way off

  27. Johann Leigh-Phillips

    Funny Funny!!

  28. Scott McFarnon

    Ah ha..!

  29. Ariel Reed

    …. I think I need these!

  30. Taylor Moore

    If you're going to use your hand to use a hands-free capability, why not just use your phone?

    • Johnny Dang

      Because this is way more cooler….

  31. Nix Prinn

    Want these

  32. Pearl Rita DuNasemant

    Want! But more like Total Recall style.

  33. Brandi N Turtle Mutant

    Wow, you got to be kidding me, they just cant stop when it comes to technology!

  34. Danique De Graaff

    Is this real?!!!

  35. Vanessa McCartney

    the whole point of bluetooth is to be hands free…… not to be talking to your hand like a phycho.

  36. Jacqueline Smith

    Want this

  37. Larissa Knoche


  38. Taylor Anne Kessinger

    these make using Bluetooth cool again. I want.

  39. Gareth Wong

    And all them dudes be like; Damn girl, you loco?

  40. Kikurami Yuki

    ' Tarcisio ' Ambrosio Wensing

    Nothing wrong with wondering
    He didn't say he didn't care, he said that he doesn't LIVE on what other people think.
    Doesn't mean he has to shut his ears to everything everyone says.

  41. Dave Raverdave Clarke

    I think this looks sick, could have loads of fun, keep the phone in your pocket & watch peoples reaction when your talking in to a glove! pmsl

  42. Jade Catherine Hill

    They are very funny, and yes you get funny looks but they work perfectly! I love them!

  43. Thewill Ofthe Tao

    Now with winter on the way

  44. Thewill Ofthe Tao

    Now with winter on the way

  45. Jd West

    Would love to watch peoples face… Great gift Idea for me… Bday in September… Right before it gets cooold…

  46. Aishling Reale

    it looks stupid but the other stuff are cool wish i could buy in ireland :/

  47. Samantha Walden

    do do do do do inspector gadet.

  48. Basil Tomaras

    Try putting a freezing phone to your ear in minus temperatures

  49. Basil Tomaras

    Try putting a freezing phone to your ear in minus temperatures

  50. Melissa Hooey

    Anyone remember inspector gadget?

  51. Gail Hubble

    Omg. So want

  52. Jim Mckay

    Aishling Reale you could buy it in Ireland just set up a mail box at a ups store in the us and when it arrives send it to your self it may cost alot but if you want it you will get it

  53. Christian McLeod

    ' Tarcisio ' Ambrosio Wensing Uhh…. Right. He asked a question. Doesnt really "contradict" (that what you meant?) what he was saying.

  54. Rosealyn Da Silva

    Bahahahad I can just picture all the drivers

  55. Rosealyn Da Silva

    Bahahahad I can just picture all the drivers

  56. Kenneth Gagnon

    i want one

  57. Alexander Mr-popsicle Nachef

    You have a pair? Do they actually work nicely?

  58. Geordie Smith

    These are too epic not to share. Hehehehe

  59. Marvin Jose Figueroa

    Be cool to try and plat around with ppl

  60. Rene CazaresPimentel

    What colors do they come in?

  61. Mykala Tucker

    These are awesome!!!!!!!!!

  62. Pritzy SG

    Can just see the looks on people's face lol AWESOME!!

  63. Kkaäyy Dontask

    I also want!

  64. Jo Hunneybunny Taylor

    Hahahaha love it, would love these

  65. Darnell Dmmcrazy LewisJr

    Man I want these… just hop on the bus and start talking to somebody extra loud so everybody sees you…They are going to look at you like your a nut case…

  66. Kim M Rider

    Those of us that like to mess with peoples heads…. love these!!!!!!

  67. Robert Wright


  68. Ashley Nicole Jobin


  69. Jayley Fernandez

    Basil Tomaras true . im here in ny and i am freezing

  70. Jayley Fernandez

    Basil Tomaras true . im here in ny and i am freezing

  71. Taylor Moore

    Jayley Fernandez Put your phone in your pocket and it won't freeze.

  72. Amanda Marie Bruning

    I want this!

  73. Priscilla Martin Petruzzi

    Excellent !

  74. Martin Kruijsse

    you can look exactly like inspector gadget…

  75. Alix Ross

    Now these are cool. Almost makes me wish winter wasn't over..

  76. Logan Martin

    These are amazing

  77. Adélie Preux

    James Comer I agree, but I totally dislike when people look at me strangely.

  78. James Comer

    ' Tarcisio ' Ambrosio Wensing do all folks from other nations say HA HA HA HA AND LOL ETC , or is it just the online translator you use? What's funny is you took the time to even comment on something from a month ago. HA HA HA HA HA HA

  79. Caden Michael Sellers

    In class be like yo wanna remove your gloves noOOOoooo baby noooooooo

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