Beer Ammo Holster

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Suit up and move out marine, its time to wage war on thirst! With this holster you can hold up to 12 cans so no need to queue up for your next beer!

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  1. Daniel Williamson

    Steven Mitchell I thought you'd like this over wearing massive jeans for strawberry fair.

  2. Daniel Williamson

    Steven Mitchell I thought you'd like this over wearing massive jeans for strawberry fair.

  3. James Lepine

    Paul 'Pinky' Storey its missing the chilling device.

  4. Gemgem CrazybiaatchLukey

    Need me one o these!!!!!

  5. Kristin Elder

    Brandon Elder I'm thinking of getting you this for your birthday this year! lol

  6. Pinked Oioi Beckett


  7. Steve Duplantis


  8. Melody Smith

    You need this for a fishing vest Kyle Arthur Smith.

  9. Kevin Paul

    Be wicked for festivals if you could get past security lol

    • Jonathan Bailey

      You're going to the wrong festivals obviously.

  10. Stephen Shoemaker

    Jeff Thompson

    • Jeff Thompson

      I feel like it would shake up all the beer

    • Jeff Thompson

      I feel like it would shake up all the beer

    • Stephen Shoemaker

      Or make it piss warm. But still cool. Bring it in the bar. more 5 dollar cans of beer.

  11. Stephen Shoemaker

    Jeff Thompson

  12. Clare Ingham

    this would be ideal for stefan, della , colin neva ending tinnis guys.

  13. Karen Ann McGee

    An absolute must have!

    • Karen Ann McGee

      Sean Patrick McGee

  14. Sean Patrick McGee

    For Jimmie McCullough?

  15. Mark Waldron

    I want one of these!!!

  16. Colton Pasto

    Joshua Wolan This is what we need, for the summer parties!

  17. Scott George

    Charles Ellenbeck , We need to get one of these…..

  18. Connie Lewitz

    Here you go Charlie Albanese III for our next Vegas trip… LOL…

    • Charlie Albanese III

      this would be awesome for Vegas…..

    • Connie Lewitz

      It would just need tiny ice packs or something to keep it cold… LOL..I think they should have invented the part that wraps around the cans to be ice packs…

    • Charlie Albanese III

      according to the description, them wider straps are insulated. it doesnt seem like it would stay cold very long tho.

  19. Gilberto El Mou Aguilar

    Edwin Medina

    • Denise Nelms

      So funny. Hey, Gilberto El Mou Aguilar, I just messaged you. Check your "other" box is your messages folder 🙂

    • Denise Nelms

      in your messages folder

  20. Amber Landrum

    I know who would love this!

  21. Nancy Blanchard Short

    Yes indeed a must need for festivals & football games!!!!

  22. Ed Donkor

    This may be of use for our American cousins with their pussy sized girl cans but here in England we tend to drink man sized 500ml bad boys! That is all.

    • Lore Splitt

      Not to mention you guys have more alcohol in your beer as well. Guinness is my favorite beer here in the US but then I got my hands on Guinness from England- and realized that it put our sad version to shame… 🙁


    • Alex Schenk

      i hear they handle big "wankers" too…

    • Alex Schenk

      of course this is made for americans. its an invention, not a crumpet.

    • Terry Shilson

      Americans like their beer cold… 500ml cans would just get warm, totally useless… why be lazy with big cans? just get another….

  23. Doug Degriselles

    But can you see walking by a cop with this on, they would have the bomb squad on you like no time.

    • Nickò Rodriguez

      That's actually a very realistic and good point … 😮

    • Matthew Parkes

      Just give them a beer and apoligise

    • Nik Lamshed

      in australia the fine for carrying explosives would probably be alot less… and the cops would probably believe you if you said you were a certified explosives foot courier.. or some crap

  24. Gavin Burton

    I want one

  25. Al Desormeaux

    Nice ammo vest

  26. Chris M Stanwood

    Rick Stevens

  27. TiiNa Hernandez

    Cousin Rose you need to wear this to my wedding

  28. Sandra Dawn Jones


  29. Kate Blonde Wakeford

    Andy Holdsworth

  30. Francisco Mercado

    I fucking NEED this! 🙂

  31. Francisco Mercado

    I fucking NEED this! 🙂

  32. Ciaran Devlin

    if it gets warm you're drinking it too slow

  33. Ciaran Devlin

    if it gets warm you're drinking it too slow

  34. David Parry

    Terry Shilson its so cold in the UK mate that even if you take 30 minutes to finish your 500ml can then its usually colder than when taken from the fridge)))))

  35. Akeem Dwayne Ralph Noel

    awesome, never be without a beer.

  36. Levi Burrows

    yeah but warm beer though?

  37. Diamond Max

    yep me my friends we deffo need this.

  38. Ramon Mares III


  39. Jennifer Sam

    Steve pretty neat but beer night get hot 🙁

  40. Margot Garino

    Para el raymundo gomez y el chris garcia jajajaja

  41. Margot Garino

    Para ti gordito Raymundo Gomez y para tu bff Chris Garcia jajajaja

  42. Roxana Valenzuela

    Pa mi tambien !!

  43. Leanne Lorraine Andrea Yakut

    Omg my dad would love this i see my next xmas gift

  44. Florent Gallou


  45. Florent Gallou

    Ludovic Schneider

  46. Ludovic Schneider

    Un jour il sera mien… Oh oui !!! 😀

  47. Dom Haughton

    Terry Shilson we're clearly able to drink a 500ml can in the time it takes you fannies to drink a 330ml, none of this miller lite shit either.

  48. Courtney Sheridan Perry

    Daimon Perry

  49. Willow Schmetterling Katzenkrats

    I need this at festivals!

  50. Darren Main

    Terry Trcc Shilson or drink them faster ??? 😉

  51. Firefly TuttiFrutti Driftwood


  52. Debra Tucker

    yup, that`s exactly what I thought !!

  53. Debra Tucker

    yup, that`s exactly what I thought !!

  54. Firefly TuttiFrutti Driftwood

    Judge :p

  55. Judge Drachenmeister

    Yepp. I saw the Kaiser from hanzel und gretyl with one full of beer loading up an old boot and making someone drink it

  56. Amanda Price

    This is what I call BOSS!! Now, if there was a way to keep them cold

  57. Kelci Mueller

    My dad would love this hahaha

  58. Daniel Watters

    I need this in my life for download festival

  59. Steph Belgium-Beechams Haywood

    I soooo want one of these for summer 😛

  60. Patricia Diaz de Leon

    Super Bowl Sunday amo gear

  61. Boo Rye

    Drink faster

  62. Daniele Faye Lorenzini

    such truth!

  63. John Soares

    This is super

  64. John Soares

    This is super

  65. Bertie Baxter


  66. Kyle Manworren

    Just ordered mine

  67. Stefani Luke

    charlotte want 1

  68. Brittany Ditch

    Does it work well or is it really cheaply made?

  69. Chris Murphy

    Wonder if you could play horseshoes while wearing this?

  70. Chris Murphy

    Wonder if you could play horseshoes while wearing this?

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