BBQ Meatball Grilling Basket

Now you can cook meatballs on the bbq with ease, keeping them in one-piece and cooking them evenly. With this bbq meatball grilling basket you can grill your meatballs while keeping them safely in place with the basket’s locking mechanism. This will help you easily flip the meatballs over the open flames. Holds up to 12 meatballs. Easy to clean with its non-stick coating.

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  1. Gabrielle Maky-Garrett

    What a GREAT ideal!

  2. Evelyn Mortimore

    Great idea.

  3. Pierre Kj

    genius! I want one.

  4. Pierre Kj

    genius! I want one.

  5. Pierre Kj

    genius! I want one.

  6. Anna Shamus Dorroh

    Really cool but who ever just makes 12 meatballs? We would need one that makes at least 50 at a time-right?

  7. Lynn TheKook Coffren

    Mike Coffren we need one of these! 🙂

  8. Tonya Fullington Moulton

    Too cool! Check it out Tina Planty.

  9. Susan Ruggiero Nagy

    check this out Laurie Ruggiero Pittelli.

    • Laurie Ruggiero Pittelli


  10. Susan Ruggiero Nagy

    check this out Laurie Ruggiero Pittelli.

  11. Brenda Britton-Pitrowski

    I love this. Grease will not soak into the meatballs. Cool idea

  12. Rija Khan

    I just want this

  13. Sulu Fugawai

    love it…want me 4 of these<3<3:-)

  14. Marwan Shamsuddin

    what's the best way to get it………………..

  15. DiLa James

    And now I want meatballs!

  16. Martin Couture

    ça grille surement bien…

  17. KrystalandLazaro Torres

    Hell yes

  18. Heather C. French

    This is what I want for Christmas.

  19. Ashley Corner

    Bigmike Mrtwobig Valarie Corner Burnett orrrrrr this?

  20. Thomas Tinney

    Very Awesome! :))))

  21. Thomas Tinney

    Very Awesome! :))))

  22. Pedro Costa


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