Bacon Bandages

Heal your wounds in style with glorious bacon! you and your friends will be amazed at its wonderous healing powers! Tin contains 15 bandages.

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  1. Jan Rose

    This one's for Mark Bone.

  2. Lisa-Marie Brady


  3. Nathaniel Fisher

    I'd eat em.

  4. Susan MacDonald

    Mikey Wong

  5. Loz Jewell

    Lydia Jayne Whitehead pmsl.

  6. Lisa Marie Mayer

    Melody Love – these are for you!

  7. Amanda Zimmerman

    Samuel Anderson, band-aids just for you! lol 😉

  8. Sonia Pearce

    Stuart I. Orchard these are so u.

  9. Cherry Fisher

    Wear ur food

  10. Leah Mcmurtrie Looker

    Lol bec saada you would chew your arm off

  11. Wendy Bayley

    Lynton Rodda this one is for you

  12. Wendy Bayley

    Lynton Rodda this one is for you

  13. Nicole Norris

    Rebecca Bamber Laing.. seen these and thought of you xo.

  14. Jeremy Roe

    Yes please!

  15. Ashly le Comte

    Cameron Potts look babe!

  16. Malerie Vella

    David Vella and Rachael Stewart.

  17. Sara Carlson

    Found your new bandages Turbo aka Nick Raines.

  18. Jillian Betts

    Dan Betts

  19. Leigh Edwards

    Haha nice

  20. Lorna Lea Burgess-Behm

    Elissa, just what you need. hahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahaahhahahahahahahaha

  21. Paul Davie

    Will Tudor – saw these and thought of you.

  22. Kat Elan

    OMG Juliet.

  23. Heidi Lawton

    These are for you Chris Lawton.

  24. Mackenzie Rogers

    Damien Shearer this is SOO you 😀

  25. Rachel Pettengill

    Ahhhhh Ashley Bryant!

  26. Camilla Hudson

    Louie Blue Coat

  27. Juliana O’Brien

    Megan Peterman

  28. Matt Laestrygones

    What if a dog see this and bite me? I'll buy another bandages and put on the bite then a lot of dogs come and bite me and I'll buy another bandages and then a big dog zombie come and bite me again and then you'll be rich just because it's 6$. ILLUMINATIS!

  29. Michelle Tipping Barth

    Sami Worden

  30. Cameron Neil Byrd

    Randy Thomas Jr.

  31. Christina McDonald

    Hillary Talley!

  32. Hillary Talley


  33. Kristen Proctor

    Thomas Schmidlin these are for us all the way.

  34. Brandy A. McCoy

    How awesome are these Mike E. Oldham! Love it!

  35. Michelle Clark Robertson

    Jenny Varuska

  36. Rissa Rious

    My sonNlaw Dewayne Anderson sooooooo wants these I know– hint**hint– Adasia D Rious LoL.

  37. Jd Schuman

    I want it now.

  38. Ceci King

    James Tyler – BACON!

  39. John Gilman


  40. Chris Owens

    CAUTION! May lead to accidentally eating both bandage and wound

  41. Abigail Rogers

    Yes please!!! =D

  42. Rachel Bay

    Julia Crawshaw

  43. Michele Quvang Boll Christiansen

    Line Hansen, Martin Ravn.

  44. Alexis Abigail Fuller

    Melissa Marie Fuller, you should get some! lol

  45. Melissa Marie Fuller

    Kody would try to eat them lol silly dog!

  46. Leah Jones

    @Jack Jones

  47. Tamika Lashan


  48. Audra Jukes

    Did you see these Garry?

  49. Audra Jukes

    Garry did you see these?

  50. Garry Austin

    I try not to cut myself lol xx

  51. Mark Allar

    Sue Bancroft

  52. Velvet Endecott

    @keith endecott
    you would forget its a bandaid and eat your arm

  53. Velvet Endecott

    Keith Endecott

  54. Keith Endecott

    Mmmmm!!!! Bacon

  55. Lori Hansen Quinton

    Braeden – more bacon. lol…

  56. Leslie Ann Datil

    Love it

  57. January Van Groningen

    @jason van Groningen

  58. January Van Groningen

    @jason van Groningen

  59. January Van Groningen

    Jason Van Groningen Emma Van Groningen-Dack

  60. Gray Steven

    Talk about loving bacon. Lol

  61. Tanya Dupuy

    Courtney Bailey, couldn't help but think of you!

  62. Courtney Bailey

    I don't know if I'd want to eat it or wear it! Hahahaha

  63. John ‘Snakeh’ Worsley

    Richard you need to carry these in your first aid kit!

  64. Helen Leckie

    Pfft..bacon rasher plasters!!

  65. Kristin Torrance

    Krista Elwell

  66. Moni Miranda


  67. Ryan Kreuz

    A.J. Bates

  68. Tina Suzanne Woods-Miller

    Holly Miller

  69. Tina Yi


  70. Amanda Crum

    This….is….BEAUTIFUL!! I think I'm gonna cry!!

  71. Adam Kobosky

    it says free prize… WHAT IS IT?

  72. Elizabeth Wilson Ballard

    Yes, but are they scratch n sniff?

  73. Stuart Manley

    Clive Albon here is some thing to stick in your First Aid Kit!!! lol

  74. Josh Dotson

    Yep need no more

  75. J Lynne Leblanc

    Wayne Miles & Ian Cairncross – saw this & thought of u 2 with your bacon love

  76. Kristina Nøjd

    Ummm….I totally have these.

  77. J Lynne Leblanc

    Oh no not u too Kristina Nøjd! It's like the apocalypse. Bacon is spreading lol

  78. Kristina Nøjd

    Come on now, I *know* you are not really surprised. Haha!!

  79. Kelly Janovsky


  80. Natalie How

    lol i wish i could eat it

  81. Roger Gene Causey


  82. Deborah TheZebrah

    Your last name is Van Groningen? That's pretty awesome, and I can pretty much tell where your ancestors came from (city is like an hour drive from my house). cool!

  83. Jan-hendrik Grobbelaar

    i want

  84. Matt Smithy Corden

    Makes me want to hurt myself

  85. Lindsey Deere


  86. Lindsey Deere


  87. Anonymous

    This MAY be a stupid question… but can you eat them?

  88. Pauly Kenneth Deuel

    i just bought two of them

  89. App Pop Shmere

    All we need now is eggs

  90. Brenda Dossantos

    who said you couldn't. haha!!

  91. Jamie Lino Smith

    I need these

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