Baby Bean Bag

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Your little one will feel like they’re on cloud 9 with this cozy baby bean bag! It features a safety belt to keep your baby secure and face up. It’s portable so you can easily put it in any room or even take it to friends and family’s houses. Available in different designs.



  1. Kim Ullger Prahalis

    How do you order?

  2. Carol Passaro

    seems like you have to click the more info kim x

  3. Tina Eskue King

    These are not safe. Look it up before you buy.

  4. Michelle Devorak

    Need it in blue

  5. Kaitlyn McKenzie Livingston

    click on more info

  6. Shanna Jetá Everett

    I want a blue one

  7. Mayra Melgar

    I NEED THIS!!!!!

  8. Diana Marie Lumaque Pola

    how much ?

  9. Marina Mimi Rivera

    This is really cute!

  10. Mayra Melgar

    It is Mimi!!! Me want it..;)

  11. Carlos N Trisha Zapata

    Tiare I'm gonna buy this baby bean bag 🙂

  12. Carlos N Trisha Zapata

    Tiare Daos

  13. Tiare Daos

    Ohhh I like!!

  14. Tiare Daos

    Ohhh I like!!

  15. Marlene Morehouse

    I like this too, its so precious

  16. Marlene Morehouse

    I like this too, its so precious

  17. Carlos N Trisha Zapata

    Tiare Daos go look on amazon n let me know what color n design….

  18. Marlene Morehouse

    ^^^^ the spoiling begins:)

  19. Tiare Daos

    K let me get dresses and ill come out

  20. Erin Barbie Eubanks

    wow its about time. my daughter is 6 now and the only way I could get her to sleep when she was a baby was in a bean bag. it always seemed kind of dangerous. but this is a great idea.

  21. Angela Renée Fantroy

    Braley Arnold

  22. Erika Stanbury

    Love it! Now all I need is some more grandchildren!!!!!

  23. Jenny Killby

    I need a blue one

  24. Troy Hall

    Omg my little Kaida would love this

  25. Chloe Woodyard

    I think I might get this for Annabelle.

  26. Autumn Sheffield

    So cute!!

  27. Heather Elizabeth Jones

    when you click on more info it takes you to the page and they also have blue

  28. Shalana Taylor

    Just ordered it (:

  29. Brandon Robert Cheney

    U can get it at Fred Myers cheaper 🙂

  30. Vicky Pellow

    Do you do these in boys?

  31. Jakal Blake


  32. Jakal Blake


  33. Wade Galaxybartending

    I used a beanbag for my daughter because she would not sleep in her bed, that was 20 years ago.

  34. Nikita Thetruth Brown

    Aww that is so cute they should make one that vibrates..

  35. Alison Louise Griffiths


  36. Nadine Forlizzi


  37. Nadine Forlizzi


  38. Lena Marie

    Way way cheaper on eBay

  39. Anna Marie Tan Basijan

    wow..its nice !

  40. Nicole Victoria Barriga

    I love it

  41. Nic Della-Bosca Ridley

    do you post to Australia ?

  42. Cissy Hopson

    I want this so bad for Alanis!!!

  43. Beth Mcgivern

    I'm getting one,my daughter would love this x

  44. Nancy Evans Kromhout

    Wish I had had one when my kids were small

  45. Lightskinn Barbiee

    Cissy This Cadejah , Can You Inbox Me I Need To Talk To My DAD ASAP!

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